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Homework Help: Simplification on Tangens

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    i have a question on a simplification

    tan (45° + b) - tan (45° -b)

    Then I put on both sides the Theorems for Addition. But I am not sure if my result is right. What is most possible simplification here?

    is it 1 + 4 tan b / 1 - tan^2 b ???

    Thanks very much for an answer.


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    Double check the tangent sum and difference identities. Your denominator is good, but I can't figure out what mistake you could have made to get the numerator that you did.

    If you get the numerator correct, there's another identity that allows you to simplify the fraction.
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    ah so the numerator is only 4 tan b and not plus 1 yes...

    oh ok... i see

    then at the end it will be just 2 * tan 2b
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