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Simplified drag equation?

  1. Jan 7, 2012 #1
    Simplified drag equation??

    Hi, im a 3D programmer and im trying to apply drag to some of my objects in my software.

    After looking around and from previous research i know that calculating drag isnt such a simple thing to do and involves knowing air density, object area and the drag coefficient.

    But, whilst research on the net i realised a well used 3D engine "unity3D" allows you to add a ridig body into the scene, give it some mass and then "simply" set its drag and angular drag properties without any inputs of air density, area or any coefficients?

    So how could this be done?

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    Simon Bridge

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    Re: Simplified drag equation??

    You just do it.
    The drag coefficients are just numbers.
    You can calculate the correct numbers from all the data you mentioned, or you can guess a figure, try it out, adjust it, and so on ... trial and error.
    Most programmers are not as interested in making a realistic point-for-point physical simulation as they are in making a fun experience for the gamer.
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