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Homework Help: Simplify & state restrictions CHECK

  1. Dec 10, 2004 #1
    o:) simplify and state restrictions

    I got 3x+7 as my answer is this correct? and for my restrictions I got x cannot = 3/2,2,-1 are these correct?
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    Your restrictions are correct
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    Check your simplification!
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    Yes, check your simplification. You got your signs swapped. If you're subracting:


    it's the same as adding everything in the second paranthesis, but with the signs swapped:

    [tex]x^2+2x+1+ (-x^2) + 5x + (-6)[/tex]

    And what happened to the denominator?
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    ok I TRIED AGAIN TO SIMPLIFY is it right now?

    now my answer is (7x-5)/(2x-3)(x-2)(x+1) is this correct?
    In my post another solve for x how come there was no denominator, and in this question I need to put the denominator. Didnt the denominator cancel out when I multiplied both the numerator and denominator? What is the difference between this question and the one in my other post? :confused:
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    Your question in the last post was an EQUATION and you needed to solve it.
    This question is just an expression, not an equation.

    Try to figure out now why you did not get any denominator in you previous post!!

    As for this question, you got it right this time. :smile:
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