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Simplify: (x+a)^2 * (x-a) ^2

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    Which is the fastest way to simplify:
    [tex](x+a)^2*(x-a)^2[/tex] to [tex](x^2-a^2)^2[/tex] ?
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    Think of [tex](x+a)^2*(x-a)^2[/tex] as [tex](x+a)*(x-a)*(x+a)*(x-a)[/tex] and [tex](x^2-a^2)[/tex] as [tex](x-a)*(x+a)[/tex]
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    There's the fastest way
    [tex] A^{2}\cdot B^{2}=(AB)^{2} [/tex]

    Apply it for your case.

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