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Simplifying an expression

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    I am trying to simply G1 = G1(1+F1) / (1 + G1F2(1+F1)) in terms of G1, G2, H2, and H3 where F1 = G2/(1-G2H2) and F2 = G3 / (1-G3H3)

    i got the result
    (G1(1-G2H2)(1-G3H3) + G1G2(1-G3H3)) / ((1-G2H2)(1-G3H3) + G1G3(1-G2H2) + G1G2G3)

    however, the book gives the result with a +1 in the denominator so their denominator is 1 + (1-G2H2)(1-G3H3) + G1G3(1-G2H2) + G1G2G3

    i did the problem 3 times and got the same answer. is the solution in the book a typo, or am i doing something wrong?
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    Ray Vickson

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    I used Maple (a computer algebra system) to do the question and got your answer exactly. Either the book is wrong or you copied something incorrectly.

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