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Simplifying nuclear equations

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    Hello all,

    I'm trying to answer a question about a meson and a proton interacting to form a neutron and an unknown meson- to be determined. The equation is :

    (Anti up and strange) + (uud) --> udd + (xy)

    I arrived at strange and anti down OR anti strange and down. Are both possibilities viable? ( I considered charge conservation alone)
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    you take a proton and a Kaon to give neutron and something, and you are looking for that "something"?
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    With an anti-strange you would have to violate strangeness by two units. It is not impossible, but it is rather unlikely (suppressed by the Cabibbo angle and requiring a weak interaction unlike the other which you only need strong interactions for as it is flavour conserving). There is also the possibility of creating udd and ubar u by weak interactions, this is also a weak interaction but less suppressed by the Cabibbo angle (although still suppressed).
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