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Simplifying this equation

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    let [tex]k=pv^n[/tex]

    [tex]\frac {p_{2}v^{n}_{2}v^{1-n}_{2} - p_{1}v^{n}_{1}v^{1-n}_{1}}{1-n}[/tex]

    how can this become

    [tex]w=\frac {p_{1}v_{1} - p_{2}v_{2}}{n-1}[/tex]

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    Hi lazypast,
    Im not too sure how you got from the top equation to the middle equation but I'll assume it's all good.
    You just need to use the indicie law [tex]a^{b}a^{c} = a^{(b+c)}[/tex]
    And then multiply through but a suitable form of 1, I reccomend [tex]\frac{-1}{-1}[/tex]
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