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Simply limit question

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    This question doesn't apply to any question I am working on, I am just trying to jog my memory.

    If we are evaluating a limit and get the limit as x approaches 0 is 35/0 (for example!), the limit is still undefined correct? For some reason my mind is telling me it represents infinity... but I don't think this is right. lol.
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    lol btw, title was supposed to read "SIMPLE limit question." :)
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    the limit is [tex] \infty [/tex], because you never actually hit 0. btw, are you m or f?
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    needed 10 characters.
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    Thanks for the help on 2 of my questions today, btw.
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    Limit question

    Find the coordinates of the point on the curve f(x)=3x^2-4x, where the tangent is parallel to the line y=8x.

    Ok i know the slope of the tangent is 8.

    and i know the formula is m=[f(a+h)-f(a)]/h

    i need a hint please
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    wrong thread.:confused:
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