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Simply trigonometry

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    1. sin θ / √1-sin^2 θ

    I dont know this, I know sin = 1 / csc but I not sure how to do this problem :( I dont know about the √1-sin^2 θ
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    Try using:

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    I dont understand that sorry can you explain for me? please
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    BloodyFrozen has given you a good hint. It is up to you to use the hint. It is against Physics Forums policy to do the work for posters.
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    But i dont even know how to use that formula how i am suppose to answer that problem ?? what is that ?? for me is just a formula .. but im guessing maybe is not a formula
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    That is the most important formula of entire trigonometry. If you don't know that formula, then I suggest you review your course. There is nothing else we can do for you.
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    How are you already simplifying (simple) expressions when you don't know the most basic one? As for my original hint, see if you can get ##sin^{2}\theta+cos^{2}\theta=1## to match a part of the expression that you are trying to simplify.
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