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Homework Help: Simply, what is energy?

  1. Jan 27, 2005 #1
    What is energy actualy in a pure state and why can it change form (kinetic to heat. Ect) if its not particles.
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    What do you mean by "pure state"??Does it have to do with statistical ensembles??

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    ignore whatzzupboy...here is what he send to me in the private mailbox

    I am only a freshman and as I have already stadted in my alpollogy thread it was a physics project, we were told to make a theory and show full effects of it and how it would be proven, that I turned into a physcology project, to show how when somebody who knows nothing of what they are talking about trys to make them sound intellegent, in this case by a theory that if correct changes parts of physics, cause the people around them to act.

    FYI: My physcology teacher say it looks like I;m gonna make an A on. So thank you truly and fully.
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    Why are you posting all these silly threads?
    Why don't you make an effort of learning physics&math, rather than slide into crackpottery?
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    Alright look
    1) I'm not a crack pot I to school to hear that not ONLINE
    2) It was A simple question so get off my case
    3) Why is it that the WE, as human civ., are so stubbor to look at things from a different persective when offten time it is tere that the right answer is found, which by the way is what I am doing looking at te world through a dif. perspective.

    Now, if you please can you pease just answer my question and stop crittisizing me, or is itthat you have nothing better to do then to critize a 15 year old freshman boy!
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    Andrew Mason

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    This is not a bad question, actually. Energy is defined as the measure of a thing's ability to apply a force over a distance. It is not a physical quantity in itself. It does not exist separately and apart from the 'thing' that contains energy.

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