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Simulating an OFDM channel

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to simulate an OFDM following a few steps, and I'm stuck at the first:

    The first step:
    You have a channel with independent zero mean complex Gaussian taps along with exponentially decaying power profile E{|hk|2|}=e-k/3 with k ∈ [0,21]

    First of all, does this notation E{|hk|2|}=e-k/3 mean that "the expected value of the channel gain/s is the variance σ=e-k/3"? And is it σ2 or just σ?

    And also, what are exactly the "taps"?

    Anyway, I assumed the variance σ=e-k/3, so here is my matlab code for the first step:
    Code (Text):

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