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Simulating Falling Objects

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    I was doing some research about falling objects and we did many experiments in it. Now I was wondering how can I simulate it . First I did some MATLAB programming with some simplified equations but now I wanted to make something more realistic and like this : http://www.geocities.com/joeyhuang2001/java.html
    with Fluent or Openfoam because I know that they designed to handle Navier-Stokes and all those equations pretty well and I have access to both of them. I want to simulate a falling disk that is falling because of gravity and I want to show drag and lift forces that air acts on that disk and by doing this I want to get a visual tumbles and flutters of that disk.I think it should be very easy for someone with experience in these softwares so I will be very very grateful if you can help me with that. Tell me which software will be the easiest and tell me about first steps that I should take.
    Thanks a lot
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