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Simulating Galaxies

  1. Apr 3, 2013 #1
    Hi Guys!

    My first post here, i'm working on analysing the output of some contemporary high-volume cosmological simulations for my masters project.

    As a bit on the side, i've had a go at reproducing how the SDSS telescope would view the simulated galaxies with various colour bands, and creating colour images. I've put a survey up on a website to see if i can get people to classify my galaxies in a galaxy-zoo kind of way. I was wondering if any of you pros could give me some feedback or do the survey for a few galaxies?

    Check it out here:


    It's aimed at a layman audience, with simple questions. The statistics of the survey could give me some really nice context for my more rigorous numerical analysis, and ultimately how human classification stacks up against my numerical techniques.

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    Thanks for the survey participation so far, do the questions make sense?

    also any ideas to get it out to lots of people would be welcomed! :D
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    the questions are straight forward to the viewed galaxy. Mind I've also participated in galaxy classification from an interactive NASA program that was a while ago though lol not sure if I even have the link to it.
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    Thanks! yeah its hard to gauge whether everyone would be able to understand it. I had a look at galaxy zoo before hand to try and pitch it right
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