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Simulating Hydrogen diffusion out of a chamber (in air)

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    I've a fysical problem.

    A small container (about 10x10x15cm) has a source which releases hydrogen at a small rate.

    The container has an small oppening 30mm^2.

    The question is how fast does the hydrogen diffuse to the outside of the container.

    I've made simmulation (see attachment) in visual basic 6.
    In the simulation I took a molicule diffusion speed of
    v = (2*D)^(0.5) (per sec).
    D = diffusion constant of hydrogen in air (6.3E-5, giancoli)

    The diffution seems to been veeerrrrryyyy slow.
    Does this seem correct? Is it good by proxy?

    I've included a small visual basic program and source code (not commented).
    The program simulates hydrogen diffusion in a user made chamber. The occupation is calculated in the user defined box.

    Everybody is free to use the program and sourcecode.


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    Please, post the governing equations.
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