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Simulating low gravity

  1. Nov 18, 2011 #1
    If a space-themed amusement park or something wanted to simulate zero gravity for people to walk around a fake moon or something and jump around like the astronauts did on the moon.. how would they do it?

    I saw this video here:

    which shows in some NASA center a kid jumping around in a harness which I guess is itself attached to a track along the ceiling.

    Would it be possible/practical to make something like this for more than one direction and not just along a short path, so you could create a whole room with a fake moon surface that a person could explore around, and also so that multiple people could use it at once?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Your thread title and most of your post refer to low gravity, but you start off your post mentioning "zero gravity" (totally floating, no way to move). I'll assume you mean low gravity in your question.

    Yes, you could do what you want, and it would be a fun project. If you want multiple folks to be able to move around the exhibit with a low-gravity harnesses, then you will probably want to use ground-based mobile systems (as opposed to overhead wired harnesses). You will need to figure out how to have multiple wheeled movers co-exist on the exhibit, and you need to do a good job programming the wheeled movers (and the harnesses that would be suspended from booms extending above the movers) to make the simulated low-g movements accurate.
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