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Simulation software

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    Sure u guys saw these .. my question .. is there any software available to simulate stuff like this with the view to make a real, working model?

    Thanks guys ..
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    Sure, most FEA software is easily capable of simulating such systems.
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    Thanks for that .. haven't come across FEA software before. I googled and wiki'd it and I think it will work.

    Do u have any suggested programs that I should use: Both free and paid versions. I'm kinda new to this field and hence, don't have much knowledge as to what program to use!
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    ....... links to internet FE resources, which has a pretty complete software list:


    ......... if you've access to some commercial software they're usually pretty "straightforward" (well ...... :biggrin: ) to use (like Abaqus, Ansys,...), other than that, from that list might recommend for example Elmer (from guys down the street):

    http://www.csc.fi/elmer/download/ [Broken]

    which runs on many platforms and you can work with a decent GUI (which is the biggest limitation of most free/shareware).
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    That's a pretty neat source for a shareware. Thanks Perennial.
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    ..... occasionally being "cheap" with licensing fees has its infinitesimal benefits :biggrin: , you're welcome. Although I use quite several of those listed even under freeware in my 'real' work (many are freeware due to their funding background, and in many cases can successfully compete with the "big players" of the FEA market in their specific field(s) of application).
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    Thanks guys ... :biggrin:
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