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Simulation Tools for Solid State Devices and MEMS

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    I have worked with softwares that help me simulate circuits (Hpice, Proteus, MultiSim), but is there a software that helps me simulate devices right from the level of the atom?

    For instance, I should be able to create a pattern of boron with silicon atoms, and then be able to replicate it 1 billion times. And then take a small (defined) piece of it for my p-type. Similarly with N-type. Or I should be able to type in my doping concentrations and then simulate.

    So that way I can create SSDs (not just BJTs, MOSFETs, but describe any material I want) and see how they work on different voltages, biases and connections, etc. I think there should be a software that presently exists for designing and testing from the level of the atom, though I don't know its name.

    The recent conference of ITRS spoke of modeling and simulation, though I didn't catch what software they used. I read one TCAD which is used but Technology Computer Aided Software is too general a term. So, which simulation tool or software goes down to the atom level, for modelling and simulating SSDs and MEMS?

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