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A Simulations in GADGET2

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    So this is a pretty specific technical question - but if anyone has experience running the N-body simulation GADGET2, I'm generating initial conditions using N-GenIC, and trying to turn on gas particles in the makefile gives the same error as described here: https://wwwmpa.mpa-garching.mpg.de/gadget/gadget-list/0506.html

    I can't find a fix for this anywhere despite it being quite an old question, just wondering if anyone knows how to resolve this.

    Thanks as always
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    That tells me there's a compile error in the source code. If you've got some coding experience, you might be able to debug and fix it. Otherwise the only answer is to wait for the original developer to do so. Since they haven't fixed it in five years, though, sounds like that's highly unlikely to happen.
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    Thanks for replying - just in case anyone else ends up with the problem I think I may have found a workaround. So the error results from the fact that there are undefined variable in the code - I have simply removed troublesome variables and corresponding if statement from the code, and they do not appear in any other of the codes so everything compiled properly. I think it's all working OK now, but I will update this post if I find anything else.
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    That makes sense. It was probably a bad merge before they submitted the code.
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