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Simulink Max/Min Control

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    I am modelling the vibration of a 2 D.O.F system with damping in Simulink.

    I want to set up control such that if the control value is between two values (max and min) then it sets the control value to the specified input but if it is outside the max and min interval then the control value is set to the max or min as appropriate.


    Fd> Fmax , then set to Fmax
    Fd< Fmin , then set to Fmin

    If not set to Fd.

    Fmax and Fmin will vary slightly throughout the simulation so can not use a max/min since they vary with time during the simulation.

    Any ideas how it will be best to do this. Basically going to be three inputs into the block from the system which need to be evaluated and then the appropriate input set as the output.

    I have tried IF blocks but they won't work properly for the simulation.


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    I've responded to your post in the Engineering Systems & Design sub-forum. Please refrain from double posting.
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