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Simultaneous detection of the space coordinates of the ends of a moving rod?

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    I find in a leading journal the following title:
    How to obtain the Lorentz space contraction formula for a moving rod from knowledge of the positions of its ends a different times.
    My question is:
    Consider a rod at rest in I', located along the x' axis. Its ends 1 and 2 are characterized by the space coordinates x'(1) and x'(2). The proper length of the rod is
    independent of the time when the mentioned coordinates are measured.
    Is it possible that observers from I measure the coordinates of ends 1 and 2 at different times, taking into account that their clocks read the same running time as a consequjence of the fact that the clocks they use are standard synchronized? At each end of the rod we find an observer from I characterized by the space coordinates x(1) and x(2) respectively.
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