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Homework Help: Simultaneous Eqns with exponents

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    How do you solve:

    ln(1-x) = a(b-1/T)
    ln(x) = c(d-1/T)

    for x and T ?

    I see that x = e^c(d-1/T) and 1 = e^a(b-1/T) + e^c(d -1)/T but it is unclear to me what substitution to try next.


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    Tom Mattson

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    1.) Homework goes in the Science Education Zone, not the Math section. I'm moving this thread to the right place.

    2.) You must show an attempt at the problem in order to receive help.

    I've soft deleted mathman's post, and will restore it once you have shown a reasonable attempt.
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    I've update the post to include what I've tried so far


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    Well I'm not sure if you can solve this particular set for any a,c. I say a,c, because when I play with them, its the letters a & c that get in the way.

    If you solve the first equation for x and the second equation for T, you can then put this equation for T into your equation for x and you'll get something like:


    where w is just a number
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