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Simultaneous time

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    Has anyone ever heard of simultaneous time? The above website was one of the few I could find on the exact subject and the above website does not appear to be very credible though it does convey the idea that I am trying to get across of a theory that claims that the past, present and future all happen at once. I first read about simultaneous time in a book by astrophysicist Paul Davies called "About Time". I think I also read about it in a book called "The End of Time" by physicist Julian Barbour.
    I know the idea of simultaneous time is highly speculative so at this point I am not interested in criticism of the idea. Thanks
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    Barbour does not talk about simultaneous time but about the absence of time.
    He holds the position that time and thus movement does not exist. Observations are simply instances of the state space of the entire universe. He uses the time independent Schrödinger and the Wheeler-Dewitt equations as a starting point for his arguments.

    I find his book "The End of Time" intellectually stimulating. :smile:
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    There is no more reason to criticize the idea of simultaneous time than to criticize the the idea of the square root of time or the idea of inverted time or the idea of of white, black or green time. These are all imaginary constructs of the mind generated by placing a word(s) before the word time.
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    I actually thought that that was generally accepted now....the only reason time flows forward in our conscious awareness is because you have a body and it is governed by time flowing forward.....if it didn't there could be no procreation or birthdays..l.o.l....or growing older and dieing to make way for the next generation...let's face it..who wants to be a sperm?...l.o.l.
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