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Simultaneously Solving EOS+GR using software

  1. Jan 15, 2009 #1
    I know how to program, but would prefer to use Mathematica for the TeX output, ease of use. But rather than that, I'm more interested in the method of solving EOS solutions for equilibrium for a static fluid (like a star).
    Either assume GR or Newtonian.
    So given a dP/dr, as a function of density and Mass enclosed (like TOV/Newton) and an equation of state, lets assume some polytropic, how would I go about solving them for equilibrium?
    I've looked at some books and they usually say somthing esoteric like "Now you would just numerically integrate out these equations simultaneously to get your solution." Well what is that exactly. I have differential equations describing a system, and I've tried using NDSolve in mathematica but its having trouble with the bounds.

    Does anyone know the standard process of solving these either numerically or analytically for static equilibrium? I'm assuming that if I'm using a polytropic EOS that the index will be such that its nonanalytic, hence the numerical calc.

    Or does anyone know a site/article that does this? Most I've seen does the calculations behind-the-scenes which doesn't help, or they use a physics package that already has everything built in, which it seems is too much work/too bloated for the abilities I want. (I'd also like to write it myself from scratch).

    Thank you for any help. I know this is not REALLY GR (though in actuality I'm going o be using TOV with some unknown eos for a SIMPLE SIMPLE neutron star)

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