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C/++/# Sin^2(x), sin(x^2), (sin(x))^2

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    How to write
    1. sin2(x)
    2. sin(x2)
    3. (sin(x))2
    by using predefined function pow defined in math.h in C language?
    Are they all same?

    Thank you.
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    1 and 3 are identical. Sin2(x) = sin(x) * sin(x) = (sin(x))2.

    The power function in the C math.h library is defined as: double pow( double x, double y), where x is raised to the power of y.
    So you'll pass to the function sin(x) or x along with a two.
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    Since all of these expressions involve only the power 2, you can get the same result by multiplying instead of using the pow() function. For #2 above, sin(x^2) is the same as sin(x * x), but the latter form takes considerably less time to compute.
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