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Homework Help: Sin 75 degrees

  1. Jan 12, 2005 #1
    Using the sum difference formula I got the following

    [tex] \sin(30 degrees +45 degrees)=sin 30 cos45+cos 30 sin 45 [/tex]

    I used the special triangles and got

    [tex] (\frac {1}{2})(\frac {1}{\sqrt2})+(\frac {\sqrt3}{2}) (\frac {1}{\sqrt2}) [/tex]

    I rationalized the denominator and got
    [tex] \frac {\sqrt2+\sqrt6} {4} [/tex]

    Did i make any errors? Can someone plz verify. :smile:
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    Absolutely correct, well done. :smile:
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    Thanks curious :smile:
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