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Calculators Sinclair Cambridge Scientific

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    I just purchased a Sinclair Cambridge Scientific calculator so I could try something showing my son what calculators were like when I was a boy. I have taken a number and then Tan(cos(sin(x))) then inversed back through the functions to show how different the numbers are on the modern and the old.
    Has any one got any ideas on other things you can show or explore. It takes a perceptible time calculate sin.
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    Does it give the correct answer for [itex]e^\pi - \pi[/itex] ?

    Also on a really old calculator my dad has it'll take ages to work out the square roots of fractions (even for quite easy ones like 1/144)
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    Thanks for responding

    It seem to calculate that correctly when compared to the same calculation on my modern casio.
    With the Sin cos Tan then inverse function with an initial input of 5 you get when get back to arctan you have a value of one. It seems to have the closest return value at around 60 degrees. It final value is 67.497
    I need to have a further think about this, and have a look around to see if I can find what algorithms it uses to calculate the functions
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