Sine 45 degrees

  1. The sine of 45 degrees is equal to root two over two or approximately.7071. I was playing around on my calculator when i stumbled upon the resemblance that sine45 degrees is either equal to or extremely close to the sum from one to fifty of the (square root of x)/10. Is there anything here or just something I'm missing
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  3. Hmmm, maybe you should check your calulation again. To me it looks like Sum [ sqrtx/10 ] x = 1 to 50 is roughly equal to 24.
  4. yeah, i also get 23.903580060352073
  5. ya--u guys are right--i was using a ti-30 and it was a bit confusing as to the notation but what i ended up doing was (root 50)/10 not sum from 1 to 50---it was late last night--my apologies
  6. Ah, well in that case [tex] \sqrt{50}/10 = 5 \sqrt{2}/10 = \sqrt{2}/2 = \sin(45^\circ) [/tex]
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