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Sine and cos functions

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    In the function
    what determines the period and phase shift?
    I know that 4=Amplitude
    The answer in the back of the text book says
    Phase Shift=-pie/12
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    standard form:
    [tex]A\sin (kx+\phi)[/tex]
    period is given by [tex]2\pi/k[/tex]
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    Yeah but i think it is better to do it this way, because not always you can immediately determine the period of a function based on that standard form. I think it is better to first know how to come up to that standard form.

    so how do we know whether a function is periodic or not?

    f(x+T)=f(x), where T is the period.
    so after you substitute these values you will be able to find the period of that function, which is the same as ry122 said on his op.
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    dessert =/= a mathematical constant, Ry
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