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Homework Help: Sine and cosine law in oblique triangles

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    Word Problem
    The leaning tower of pisa leans toward the south at an angle of 5.5 degrees. One day a shadow was 90 m long and the elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the tower was 32 degrees

    1)Determine the slant height of the tower.

    First I found all the angles and then i used the sine law and got the slant to be 53.29 metres.

    2) How high is the tip of the tower above ground?

    I had a line from the tip of the tower perpendicular to the shadow and using sin=opposite/hypotenuse I determined what the opposite length was and got 53.04 metres

    The two answers are quite close thats why im not sure if I did this correctly can someone plz check :redface:
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    Trigonometery is not my stong point, but I want to ask does it tell which direction the shadow of the tower is pointing?
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    From my expiences with these types of problems, id say the shadow is where the tower is leaning.
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    Okay, ya ur awnsers, are corrent. :smile:
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    53.04 m is the right answer. Good job! :smile:
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