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Homework Help: Sine and Cosine

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    I'm trying to represent graphically the following function:

    v(t)=3 + 1.414cos(w0t) - 1.414sin(w0t) + 2cos(2w0t + 5pi/2)

    The problem is that I'm not sure how I represent the sine and cosine both in the same graph...I know that 3 is the continuous component and the w0t equals the "x" variable...Any help on this would be much appreciated!
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    Goto this web site: http://www.hostsrv.com/webmab/app1/MSP/quickmath/02/pageGenerate?site=quickmath&s1=graphs&s2=equations&s3=basic [Broken]

    and copy this:

    y=3 + 1.414cos(x) - 1.414sin(x) + 2cos(2x + 5*pi/2)

    into the box marked "Plot" and use the limits x=-2*pi to x=2*pi and y=0 to y=8 then click plot.
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