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Sine Wave and Waveforms

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    Is Sine Wave just a graph of particles that do SHM? A wave on a string is also a Sine wave provided its particles are moving sinusoidally. But its shape also kind of represents a sine wave.
    So is the wave on a string called a sine wave because of the physical shape that we can see or because of its Graph?
    What is a Sine Wave? Does it represent the shape of a Wave or is it just the graph of oscillating particles as a function of time?
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    hi san203! :smile:

    it's both

    if you fix x, it's a sine function of t

    if you fix t, it's a sine function of x​

    a sine wave is a sine of a linear argument

    for example, sin(x - vt) represents a wave with speed v,

    and its argument is linear in both x and t
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