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News Singing an Extraordinary Rendition

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    From the off going off topic point on the Portlandia thread I read this.

    I have often pondered if perhaps the CIA's infamous term extraordinary rendition was related to making a prisoner sing, as it was called back in the day, and to make that song an extraordinary rendition.

    Google comes nearly up blank on this, yet I don't really feel that I am speculating. Using really rough tactics in the early 20th century was common. That is also when the term sing also became common.

    "Third Degree" Practices of the past page 4.

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    From what I gather,

    This is a legal term.
    When it came into regular useage is difficult to pinpoint.
    A blog, but the easiest to follow along with.

    'Extraordinary rendition' then relates to an extradition not following the proper legal channels, and in some cases using ilegal activities to capture and transfer the subject from one jurisdiction to another, hence the term 'extraordinary'.

    What you wrote, though, does seem to have an element of parallelism in meaning ...
    Quite interesting indeed.

    PS. I should add this, just to make it complete with a wiki.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendition_(law [Broken])
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