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Singing electric train

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    Some electric model aircraft speed controllers play tones/ beeps by vibrating the armature to indicate the state of programmable features.
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    :smile: Yes indeed charming. And with electronic controls, very believable.

    Changing the frequency of firing rates as a function of speed is like shifting gears in a transmission.

    I imagine that an alien from a world with only electric drives would be charmed by the sounds of a Harley accelerating. :wink:
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    jim hardy

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    Montreal subways play a pleasant four note sequence on starting. Well, in mid 80's they did. Sigh, seems like only yesterday.
    Of course they're way smaller machines.

    So yes i believe it's real...
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    I'm still not convinced. I've watched several other videos of the train, and although the notes do change, they are all monotonic. Either someone has "layered" the sound track in a clever way, or someone has added an acoustic system to augment the trains natural tones. In either case, I think it is a pleasant effect, and if not real, it should be added to all electric commuter trains.

    Our local e-commuter train used to routinely run over people when it first went into service.
    It's name quickly evolved from MAX(Metro Area eXpress) to Mad Max.

    Actually, listening to the following, I just realized that if two trains were leaving at once, it might create the same effect. But I think the timing would have to be perfect to get them to make harmonious music, as in Dave's video.

    Eisenbahn Musik - Taurus Tonleiter - Musical Train Engines
    Published on Jun 18, 2013
    Taurus Tonleiter - Lokomotive macht Musik
    E-Lok Baureihe 182 der DB
    ÖBB BR 1016 1116
    Siemens ES64U2 - Elektrolokomotive Abfahrt
    Musical Train Engines - Electric Locomotive
    Sound noises
    Zuggeräusche Eisenbahn Taurus

    ps. If anyone is really bored, you can watch the following.
    14 ½ minutes of listening to LOTS of these trains leave the station.

    I could only make it through the first 3 minutes.
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    jim hardy

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    I thought i'd seen it all...
    Singing Tesla Coils ?

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