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Single and Dual Slit refraction

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    Can someone give me the formulas for single a two slit defraction of light. And please explain what te variables mean.

    Are these right? Wave length = xd/L

    Wave length = yw/L
    If these are right can someone please explain what the variable stand for because I am at a loss due to the fact that I have lost my notes
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    Claude Bile

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    Intensity profile for 2 slits:

    I1(x) + I2(x) + 2*sqrt(I1(x)*I2(x))*cos(delta)


    I1(x) = Intensity due to 1st slit
    I2(x) = Intensity due to 2nd slit
    delta = 2*pi*d/lambda


    d = distance between slits
    lambda = Wavelength

    I1(x) and I2(x) are gaussians i.e in the form Ae^(-(x-b)^2/a^2)
    where A, b and a are constants determined by source intensity, slit width etc.

    I have no idea what the equations you mentioned mean.
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    Thanks a lot for your reply you really helped alot.
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