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Single-click or double-click?

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    Why the difference?
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    Pretend all the icons on your desktop only requird one click. After you accidently activated all your programs a few dozen times throughout a few days, then you'll understand why 2 clicks are needed.
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    It's just a convention, of course.

    Single-clicking is normally indicates selection. Single-clicking does not perform any operations, it just registers a selection. If you have a window full of icons representing files, selecting an icon doesn't do anything but change focus to that icon. The focus is usually indicated by some kind of highlighting.

    Double-clicking normally performs some operation on the selection. In the case of file icons, it opens the file in the appropriate program.

    - Warren
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    I have my computer setup to single click icons to open them. However, I have only a few icons on my desktop, and am almost always in full screen for programs. I like it :smile:
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