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Single Phase AC Motor

  1. May 25, 2010 #1
    I have an AC Gearmotor W/Fan, Base Mnt, 100 rpm, 7 in-lbs Torque, 115 VAC - I need to achieve 2 purposes with it:

    1. Need to able to reverse directions - can I do it with a DPDT?

    2. It is overheating - how can I solve it -- heatsinks or fans? Any recommended ones -- I have never done that in my life....

    Just for the purpose of the motor - it is attached to a shaft (stirrer) and needs to be rotated on a 1+ hr basis for mixture stirring.....I believe this one only rotates at 1 specified RPM....how would I be able to change it if required?

    btw am not an electrical guy so do not have much experience so I would prefer the easiest and cheapest way around :biggrin:.....
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    Your motor is probably a shaded pole motor. Does it look anything like this?


    If it does, the only way to keep it cool is to provide more forced air ventilation. The only way to reverse it is to disassemble it and turn the armature around so the axle is pointing in the opposite direction. The motor RPM cannot be changed.

    Bob S
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