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B Single stage rocket

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    You have all been very helpfull with all my quistions about multi stage rockets and so, but im only left with one quistion. I know a multi stage rocket is better, but can somebody show me a specific exambel where a single stage rocket is more advantageable, or link to a website where i can see, that would be great :D
    Thanks for all your help
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    A bottle rocket. It is better when low cost, simplicity, east of transportation and operation, and self-contined launch facilities, are the dominant factors..
    k Texas_Bottle_Rocket.png

    If you don't like this answer, then you must define what you mean by advantageous or better.
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    Hello, yes, i mean when do you get fx. a higher velocity, or using less fuel to achieve the same. I have heard that a single stage rocket should be better when traveling for short distances, it that correct?
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    As I indicated in the multi-stage discussion, the single stage produces a higher final velocity if the extra mass of the second stage rockets and mating structure is greater than the mass of the empty first stage. It's actually a little worse that because the first stage has to carry all the extra mass too. I won't reproduce the equations here because I produced the full comparison in a previous post. Just plug in some numbers.
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    Oh ok yes i see it now, i have been playing around with some numbers, and it makes more sens now, thanks to both of you, and thanks @Cutter Ketch for helping me out with all my questions
    hope you will help me again in the future, i really appreciate that you took the time to helping me out with basic question :D
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