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I Singlet state meaning

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    Hello! I am a bit confused about the relation between the singlet configuration and symmetry of the system. So in the spin case, for 2, 1/2 particles, the singlet configuration is antisymmetric. But I read that the quarks are always in a singlet configuration, which means that they are symmetric in the color space. So as I understand, in one case singlet state is associated with symmetry, while in the other with antisymmetry. Is there a rule here?
    Thank you!
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    Singlet refers to something transforming according to the trivial representation of some symmetry group. It is used in several different applications in physics.

    When you put several representations of a group together they generally split into several different irreducible representations, where some may be singlets. Exactly how this occurs depends on the group.

    The three-quark color singlet representation is the anti-symmetric product of three fundamental representations.
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