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Singularities Killing Me

  1. Oct 21, 2011 #1
    Singularities Killing Me!!


    I'm having singularity problems when integrating both of these equations using MATLAB. When I increase 'm' and 'n' to larger values I get these issues.

    I need to evaluate these equations for 'm' and 'n' as large as 2000.

    Anyone know how I can overcome these problems???

    Many thanks :-)

    Please see attached (for eqns)

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    Re: Singularities Killing Me!!

    Can anyone see the issues here?

    I'm trying to use matlab to numerically integrate each of these equations.

    Matlab keeps complaining of singularities and being unable to integrate the equation for specific (m,n) values returning results of inf, -inf or NaN (not a number).
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