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Singularity and being one,

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    What is singularity?
    Many people talking about the universe say that we're one, why is it? Are we really one in one? many in one? or one in many? How would you explain "being one"?
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    In a nutshell that is what I belive. That we are all part of one consciousness and the rise of the ego is what causes the illusion of being seperate.
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    Without delving into religion, could you explain this? Mere statements of belief do no good without verifiable support.
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    sorry, but can you explain the idea of being "one" in more simple language?
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    It's hard to know exactly what you mean, heartless, by these questions. I've only heard the word "singularity" used to refer to the point in time when technological progression curves upward at such a fast rate that it reaches a de facto vertical asymptote. "One in many" and "many in one" sounds like something out of Spinoza, but without you telling us where you heard these, you're not going to get a satisfactory explanation of what they mean except by luck. They can mean many different things depending on who is saying it.

    As it stands, I'm going to have to close this thread because it's become a platform for non-mainstream physics hypotheses, which is not what the philosophy forums are meant to be hosting.
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