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Singularity / Denseness discussion

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    Undoubtedly this question must have been asked dozens of times and I apologize, just a thought that blasted through my head before I have to head off to work:

    We discuss black holes and how at a certain mass (if it hasn't been ejected) that a star will collapse into a singularity due to the fact that the natural repulsion by neutrons cannot hold up to the pressure of gravity.

    This is a somewhat messy complication for physics which I personally find disagreeable in the scheme of things. Just as we have a limit on the Chandrasekhar mass scale for the repulsion of electrons to fail, then the repulsion of neutrons, I would assume that there is simply a much greater density at which another building block of matter's natural repulsion "kicks in" and thus prevents the (widespread at least) current model of black holes / singularities to be necessary. Unfortunately, I do not know where to look for access to data on any current subatomic particle research....so I'm not sure what the current research data on quarks/gluons/anything recently discovered smaller may be.

    Nature usually presents us with what increasingly becomes fairly simple laws and rules (once you understand them)....why must we be forced to invent some overly complex way of looking at things as we have done with singularities? The simple answer is that it is just a much much greater density at which other particles reactions with each other stabilize the diameter of the object at an ultraminiscule size. At least in my mind.

    Thank you for any replies,

    Matt Sutterer

    PS - I apologize for posting this in this forum, it deserves to be in the theory forum but I appear to not have access to that quite yet being I just registered =)

    Which is most likely for the best, after all, my Physics experience is severly limited as I am self taught out of community college books ;)
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