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Singularity Question.

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    Can somebody please explain to me the idea of zero mass and infinite density, my mind just is not comprehending it, it seems almost illogical to me. Please help my brain make sense of this. Non-mathemetical please as I am not part of the scientific community.

    If the answer is just a simple "the extreme environment of a singularity breaks down all logic and laws" then I guess I'll just have to remember what I always say when the universe stumps me.

    To begin to understand we must first understand that we will never understand.
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    I don't know of any physicists who think the singularity is real. Instead, the fact that it is a mathematical consequence of general relativity is interpreted to mean that general relativity must be replaced by some successor theory in this regime (collapsed state inside event horizon). As of now, there is no known usable theory covering this situation. Research on this is ongoing for at least 60 years; it is a hard problem.
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    I'll read the other thread as well thank you.

    PAllen I thank you as well for pointing out that it is not some perceptual problem in my brain but just an incredibly difficult concept that is still very much unknown even after all the incredible discoveries some of the worlds most intelligent people have made regarding question.
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