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Sinkhole in Guatemala

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    Chi Meson

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    Looks fake is this suppost to be real?
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    In karst areas such things happen.
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    We are happy someone posted this.
    Wondering how this can be naturally made so perfectly round?
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    looks like one of those holes the Silver Surfer made in the earth in Fantastic Four II

    ---that's going to take a lot of truckloads of dirt/garbage to fill in
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    I saw the photo on the news this morning and was astounded! They said it swallowed a 3-story building. So, while I'm completely amazed at the size of this thing, I also think of the tragedy of it for the occupants of that building.

    It really does look like something from a cartoon. I too was surprised that something so deep was also so perfectly round. The roof of an absolutely HUGE cavern must have just opened up.

    What do you do with something like that? Oh, wait, I think BP just found a hole big enough for all the oil and saltwater mix they're scooping out of the Gulf.
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    yeah, the ground (the layering of strata) in the area must be unusually consistent all the way down to the cavern

    --luckily the hole BP is trying to fill is smaller
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    More info here:
    http://www.guatemalasinkhole.org/ [Broken]
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    I question whether this was actually a sink hole, because how could such a feature have been formed naturally?? If it were a sinkhole it would be cone shaped and be wider and more open at the top getting narrower with depth -- this looks pretty much like a cylindrical borehole. If this is natural, then how could such a feature form?

    For my money this cannot be a "top-down" feature (which sinkholes are), because what on earth would possess someone to build something over a big old hole like that? There must've been ground there originally which covered the hole -- so builders suspected nothing unusual at this location. Surely then this feature must've formed from below and have been pushing its way up to the surface? I would guess this was an underground cave whose roof collapsed.

    If you look to the left and right sides of the hole you will see vertical lines projecting vertically downwards. For my money those lines are a geological fault, along which water might have been able to flow (in fact if you look closely it looks like the rock either side of those lines is darker so could well be saturated with water -- which suggests to me that this IS a water bearing fault). That makes sense, because you need the water to get the erosion. What I can't figure out is how this feature is not more elongated in the direction of the fault. This is a very curious feature.
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    I'll take that bet
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    Chi Meson

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    I mean really would you even go near this thing? I'd be so worried about the rest of the city caving in with it.
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    Holy crap, that thing looks photoshopped, it is so profoundly disturbing! I know it isn't, but it's still shocking. I've been in that city too... damn.
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    As if the people of Guatemala don't have it hard enough, these poor people must have spent their last moments in abject terror. :(
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