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Sinthetic biological origin compounds

  1. Oct 3, 2005 #1
    Broad question from a completely layman point of view:

    What is the main problem for producing sinthetically (and at reasonable costs) fuel for internal combustion engines?
    When we hear about the running out of fossil fuels, we are always drawn to the alternative energies (hydrogen fuel cells, electric cars etc), but we never hear about the possibility to produce the fuel artificially.
    Being such a multibillion industry, one feels that if there would be even the most remote possibility of success, corporations would be surely already investing millions in researching such a possibility, so something must be really wrong to disencourage such research.

    And, more generally, what is the main problem in manufacturing artificially materials of biological origin, such as for example wood? will we ever have artificial wood that looks and feels like natural wood?
    (again, I know the questions are broad and probably require long detailed explanations to be accurate, but just a generic explanation will suffice for a start)
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