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Homework Help: Sinusoidal wave propagation

  1. Apr 4, 2005 #1
    probably easy question

    a sinusoidal wave is propagating along a string in the +x direction. 10 waves pass by a point every 10 microseconds. the wave exhibits the following characteristics:

    a) at t=0 and x=0 , the wave propagation speed is 30 m/s, and the Oscillation speed is 2.5 mm/s in the Y direction.

    b) at t=0 and x=0 the wave has a transverse displacement of 1.5mm

    using y(x,t) = A sin (kx-wt - phi)

    amplitude of oscillation (couldnt do)
    phase shift (dont know if there is one)
    and the complete equation for the wave

    any help would be great, its really easy, I am just drawing a blank for some reason. (spring break)
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    never mind got it, didnt find phase shift tho, I looked at the problem a little more in depth
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    yeah too bad that this is actually a college question for physics with thermodynamics.
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