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I Siphon's explanation

  1. Jul 2, 2017 #1
    Could someone explain to me how a Siphon works using Bernoulli's equation.

    Why would one beaker have to have a higher height than the other beaker?

    My thoughts were that a Pressure differential is needed for water to flow, so the input and the output pressures must be different.
    In addition, water flows from higher pressure to lower pressure

    Using Bernoullis' equation 1/2ρv2 +mgh + P = constant

    Why does water flow from the beaker with a greater height into the beaker with the lower height?

    Isn't pressure B1 ( beaker with the lower height) greater than the pressure B2 (beaker with the greater height). And that water would move from the lower height to the higher height due to water wanting to flow from greater pressure to lower pressure?
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    Hi there Joseph,

    you have labelled your post I for undergraduate level , what university studies have you done using Bernoulli's equation.?
    what online research have you done so far ?
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    I've taken Unviersity physics the course and we went through Fluid and Fluid dynamics and I'm studying for the MCAT right now. There was a passage on this question how a toilet works and its relationship from how water moves from the Bowl, through the Erkel tube.

    I'd did research on youtube and wikipedia, to find out the physics behind it, but it was vague or didn't explain the physics.
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    This is true.
    No. Maybe you should draw a diagram and label the actual pressures.
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