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Sir, i get the fllowing reply for my question 'can helium be

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    i get the fllowing reply for my question 'can helium be changed to hydrogen'

    '' Helium to Hydrogen requires energy input, for just the same reason that Hydrogen to Helium produces energy. The mass of four protons is greater than the mass of a Helium nucleus (alpha particle)''.

    but i am sorry to say that i could not understand the meaning of the answer.I also want to know it is possible or not at preasent ?I understand that there is a need of energy to do it but
    is it possible?
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    You could probably try to smash an alpha particle apart, by shootin something (a relativistic electron?) at it; then you'd get two protons (hydrogen nuclei) and two neutrons. Neutrons decay in about 11 minutes to a proton and an electron. So there is your production of Hydrogen from Helium. But this is really a small scale operation. You're not going to relace the Hydrogen in the aging sun with it.
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