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SIR2 gene

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    Could the exclusion of the SIR2 gene lengthen the human lifespan 6 times? it's been shown to lengthen lifespan like that in animals such as worms right?
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    I think I misread/was thinking about the wrong gene

    Apparently SIRone gene suppresses longevity and SIRone deficient cells divide indefinetly and appear normal/cancer free? Does anyone have any more information on this?
    Is the correct name for the gene that suppresses longevity, and whose cells, when empty of the gene divide indefinetly and appear normal/cancer free the SIRone gene? I think they've done this in mice cells?
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    Here's the website I found it on, after using google like 20 times to re-find the page

    http://www.biotech-weblog.com/50226711/sirt1_gene_suppresses_longevity.php [Broken]
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