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Site question

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    How does one edit their avatar and signature? Does it require a paid membership, or am I just too inept to find it in the CP?
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    It requires a contribution
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    I must admit I'm biased, but I think this site above all the other forums I've visited is by me(and no doubt others) Held in the highest regard.

    I was here for perhaps a month before I contributed, and in no small part this was due to the responses I got to questions, the professional manner this forum has, and the excellent capability of the mentors in explaining in clear and concise ways.

    You don't have to contribute and if you're still at school or not earning a wage I wouldn't suggest you did, but if you can do. I've been surfing the interweb for a few years and have found many forums, but none as strikingly good as this one.

    I'm not one to give out compliments willy nilly either, if I have a problem with a site I'll say so. But I seldom have a problem if ever and that is testament to the skills and learning of those in authority.

    Respect where respect is due.
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    As integral said, contribution, or HH / SA recognition.
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