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Sites with Math/Physics problems

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a site like brilliant.org or better yet, projecteuler.net. This last one is directed to solving problems by using a computer.

    I'm looking for a site like projecteuler, with problems answerable by hand/pencil.

    Does anyone know of a site like that? It could also be a book, if there isn't any good site.

    EDIT: This is not supposed to be on academic guidance. I already reported this thread, to be moved to the right forum.
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    Pro tip: Universities in England are completely open, you can walk into any lecture, take copies of lecture notes / problem sheets, sit down and watch the lecture just like all the students who pay. The only downside being that you can't get a lecturer to mark your work (obviously) and you don't get a degree (obviously) but it's by far the best free way to get a 'university education'

    Best of luck!
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    What? No. I'm already working on my "university education". I'm a physics major.
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    For books, you can look for Problems in General Physics by I.E.Irodov. Its quite challenging.
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    I just troll around google for pdfs of hw/exams from different universities...
    filetype:pdf/ps <topic> hw/ assignment/ lectures

    The Schaum series is good for practice too.
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